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Let’s be honest. Caregivers have a tough job. While many say the job is rewarding, it is still difficult.

Caregivers in rural areas, like those found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.), the land beyond the Straits of Mackinac, north of the Mackinac Bridge, have unique challenges added to their list of what makes caregiving so difficult. It’s not unusual for someone to have to drive 20 miles (or more!) to the grocery store, physician’s office, or church. Add 100 or so inches of snow (thankfully not all at once!) onto that drive and, well, that’s just one challenge!

A Yooper (as a person from the U.P. is called), is usually known to be pretty hardy, but even the toughest of the tough caregiver is at risk of caregiver burnout, usually described as physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion.

This blog site, “North of the Bridge – A Cool Place For Caregivers,” is a tool for caregivers. It is designed especially for Yoopers, but welcoming to caregivers everywhere.

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